‘Twas a Blur But We Got It Done

I am hazy about last week. We got it all done, but it is a blur.

I had two ominous deadlines looming…

Taxes — Are you like us? Did you leave your taxes til the last minute? I must admit that if it were left to me the taxes would still not be done. I have some block when it comes to the taxes. I have an “I will get to it next week” attitude towards them.

Suddenly, it was “next week.” My husband was waiting on my data. As a worker bee I knew what I needed to hand my husband for taxes…my W-2 form. As a freelancer worker bee, I handed him my W-2, my mileage log, and any receipts for business expenses. As a SAHM, I handed my husband absolutely nothing. He’s a good guy…he appreciates what I do for the family whether working or not.

This year was different. Was I a worker bee in 2009? Or not? I don’t have any pay stubs to prove that I worked. I do have online payments to PayPal. I did work this year. There is no doubt that I worked! But, much of my work was for free.

I do many free reviews. PR or the brand will contact me with a free item. I will say “Yes!” PR will send me the item. I will use it…test it…review it….think about it. Once my review is done, I will write my post. A giveaway may be associated with the review, which takes work. I’m willing to do free reviews. But, reviews take time. And as they say time is money.

But, back to the taxes… I handed my husband all the documents he needed on April 14. Of course, I was missing a few. I forgot to calculate all my mileage. I handed him a couple of receipts that he didn’t need. He and I sparred back and forth on a couple of items. He is super cautious when it comes to “you know who.”  We slept on it Wednesday night.

Thursday morning appeared bright and early as usual. We’re a family of “love their sleep” people, so mornings are quiet. My little guy can be lively, but given time we will bring him over to the dark side. Once all kids were safely on school buses, my husband got to work. Don’t ask me how, but by noon on April 15…our taxes were filed.

The second deadline was one that I also put off doing anything about. I can’t blog about it. It is not as though I am a completely open book on this blog, but I like to let people in on many aspects of my life. But, with this issue I cannot.

Suffice it to say that our taxes were filed and I made a decision. I’ll leave it at that. I am glad to put last week behind me. On to more challenges this week!

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