Getting “It” Off My Chest

I won’t go in to what “it” is, but I have found a way to deal with “it.” The issues — and really, it is more like issues — are not resolved…far from it. But, I have devised a way to deal with the issues. Not a solution. I have a temporary fix, if you will.

I so wish I could blog about this…but I know that blogging every single detail would not help the situation. I know the details all too well. I don’t need to rehash them.

While I know from experience that a temporary fix is not a forever fix. I have postponed an unpleasant situation for a perhaps indefinite period.

Don’t you wish that we could all live in a harmonious way with our fellow man? Why do people have to cause problems for other people? Why is it necessary to impose your values on other people? I should stop now before I actually blog about this situation.

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