A Good Day To Be a Kid

Saturday was a good day to be a kid in our house.

My son woke early. Spent the morning helping Coach Dad and his grandfather install the garage door. He loved showing off on his new scooter and the skateboard. He spent the night at his grandparents’ house too.

My tween watched TV all morning. I took her to the mall in the afternoon to buy a Build-a-Bear Frog. She checked our Claire’s too. We planned to get ice cream, but needed to get back home sooner than I had planned. Poor time management on my part. Oh, and she got a new prescription in her sports goggles.

My teen slept all morning. Hung out with her friend in the afternoon. I took her to the mall in the evening to get her haircut and do a little shopping.

Yep, Saturday was a good day to be a kid in our house!

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