Holiday Gift Guide: Treat the Family to a Festive Feast [#Giveaway for $50 @KFC_Colonel Chicken Checks ends 12/14/2012]

The day after a holiday is tough. Getting back in to the swing of things after a holiday is sometimes trying. Sometimes the day after a holiday is a day back at work/school, as in the case of July 4. Those holidays are about the ups and downs…the high of having a day off work/school is tempered by having to go back to work/school. You wonder if you will make it through the day. Other times the day after a holiday is another day off work/school, as in the case of Christmas and Thanksgiving. Those extended holidays are the best.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving to the hilt. We had a festive Turkey Day dinner, celebrated a birthday, saw a movie in the movie theater, saw a couple of movies at home, worked out, and did some homework/schoolwork. The only activity we didn’t do was Black Friday shopping. We were simply too busy.

By Sunday, we were in the holiday groove. But Sunday night quickly became Monday morning. And Monday morning was eeeaaarrrlllyyy. So early…I stumbled around the kitchen. Staggered from side to side as I made lunches. Searched in vain for lunchboxes. Used the backup lunchboxes instead. rustled everyone out the door to the bus or the minivan. Rallied myself to get work done while everyone was at school or work. But by late afternoon, I was dog tired. Ready to collapse in a heap. The rest of the week wasn’t any better.

Making dinner each night last week was an ordeal. I had no desire to cook. The children were hungry, but we were so rushed with the effort of getting back in to the routine of weeknights. The only solution was to outsource dinner one night.

On my way home from driving the carpool after I had dropped off the last kid, I drove over to our nearest KFC. In a flash, I was able to order the Festive Feast at the drive thru. The Festive Feast was just what we needed to satisfy our hunger in a delicious and timely fashion.

Whether you are out and about doing holiday shopping or racing home from work to get the kids to basketball or dance, having someone else make the dinner is always a plus. My family loved the KFC Festive Feast. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The newest KFC family meal is the Festive Feast.
  • The Festive Feast introduces a NEW menu item: a dozen delicious chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmm.
  • Eight pieces of freshly prepared chicken
  • Two home-style side favorites.
  • Four famous, flaky biscuits.
  • The Festive Feast costs $19.99.

KFC wants to give busy families the opportunity to purchase a ready-to-eat meal this hectic holiday season. This meal, including a sweet treat of a dozen chocolate chip cookies, is a moment of peace during this hectic time of the year.  “Between the planning, shopping and decorating, we know that sometimes it’s hard to relax with the family and really enjoy the holidays,” said Jason Marker, Chief Marketing Officer for KFC U.S. “With the introduction of the Festive Feast, families can put the hectic pace aside and sit down for a fresh, delicious meal, and top it off with a sweet treat.” The Festive Feast is available at participating KFC locations.

KFC’s newest menu item, the chocolate chip cookies, use fresh ingredients. The cookies are baked in store. And to everyone who has ever wondered what is in the “Secret Herbs and Spices” recipe, you now have another mystery to ponder. What in the unique recipe for KFC’s chocolate chip cookies?

Want to win $50 Chicken Checks to buy a KFC Festive Feast for your family? Can’t you smell, and taste, those delicious cookies? Mmmm… Cookies… You can leave as many of the optional comments as you would like as long as you leave the mandatory comment. Don’t forget to leave your email address so that I can contact you if you win.

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