10 Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

Another in my series of “giving new life in to old posts” saved in draft… Today’s post…tips for a successful yard sale.

  1. Over a period of months, start the process of sorting items to be sold at your yard sale.
  2. Group items together…toys, games, clothing, books, tools, appliances, etc.
  3. Ask yourself if you would buy any of the items you selected. If the answer is no, then donate to Goodwill, GoGreenDrop, etc. Trust me.
  4. Schedule your yard sale on the same day as other neighbors so that you get their foot traffic and vice versa.
  5. Hang signs in your neighborhood. Post in Facebook yard sale groups.
  6. Get cash before your yard sale. Never accept checks. Try Venmo only if wifi is good.
  7. Carry the money box with you at all times or have someone sit with the money box.
  8. Set up an umbrella or tent/canopy at the end of your driveway. Never let anyone in your home to use your bathroom…no matter how friendly the person is.
  9. Set up attractive, eye-catching items close to the end of the driveway so that people driving by will stop.
  10. Don’t price items ahead of time. Come up with a ballpark list of prices and stick to it. When people ask a price, refer to your list. If someone is buying multiple items…offer a deal…but don’t let people haggle you to death unless they are buying an item you want to get rid of.

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