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Disclosure: This post was made possible through the support of Goodwill. All opinions are my own.


header_logoI don’t know about you but I am SO ready for spring. I noticed a pair of snow boots underneath a shelf. I wanted to kick those boots across the room. I’m so sick of trudging through snow, having cold feet, scraping off my car windows, and searching for the always elusive mittens and gloves. But, spring does seem to be here. The birds are back. The grass is no longer covered in dirty, mucky snow. I can leave my house with a fleece jacket instead of a ski jacket and scarf.

Now that Spring is here, I want to tackle my house. And by tackle I mean dig out from under the mess of 4 months of hibernation. We have been hibernating. Nesting. Huddling under piles of blankets. Eating comfort foods. Hunkering down to watch movie for hours. Because of all the nesting and cuddling and general slothfulness, my home is a mess. Every surface is covered in school papers. Blankets are piled on couches. There are stacks of books under the dining room table. I have a pile of old clothes behind a closet door. In short, my home looks like I have either just moved in or I am about to move out. It’s a hot mess.

Are you in spring cleaning mode too? But, like me, are you more about thinking about spring cleaning rather than actually doing anything productive? Yay! You are a kindred spirit. We can be sloths together! But…we really should do something, but what? I know I could use some extra motivation to clear out my clutter or tackle my home. With a bit of luck and a ton of elbow grease, I might even be able to do one of the many organizational projects and home improvement tasks that I never get around to doing.

Goodwill wants to help me…and you…get a jumpstart on spring cleaning. Did you know that your donation of used clothing or household goods to Goodwill helps create jobs directly in your community? I don’t know about you but I love giving back. While I would love to give back money to causes near and dear to my heart, the reality is that giving money is a stretch for me. However, I LOVE that I can give books, clothing, household goods, and DVDs to Goodwill.

All you need to do is donate stuff to Goodwill. Your donation will help create jobs in the community. You may have heard of the new Goodwill slogan: Donate Stuff. Create Jobs. It’s the tagline of the Ad Council’s campaign with Goodwill®, which reminds people that their donations support people who are seeking to earn jobs and build careers.

Goodwill’s #7DaysofSpringCleaning 

Goodwill is encouraging everyone to participate, in #7DaysofSpringCleaning by urging people to focus on cleaning different areas of their home for seven consecutive days. Cleaning one area of my home each day sounds doable to me. I’m inspired to get a fresh start, and you can too. Here’s the 7-Day schedule.

Day 1: Clear your closet clutter.

Day 2: Time to tackle the kitchen.

Day 3: Spread holiday cheer (holiday decorations, center pieces, Halloween).

Day 4: Downsize your tech toys (used laptops).

Day 5: Clean out your office supplies.

Day 6: Provide quality entertainment (unused movies, video games).

Day 7: Downsize your bookshelf.

Goodwill wants to help you…and me on the journey to decluttering. Goodwill has provided resources to me that I want to share with you.

  • Not sure where your nearest Goodwill is? Use this handy store locator to find the one nearest you.
  • Do you know what the impact of your donation to Goodwill would be? Find out your donation impact.
  • Spring Cleaning SnapGuide — A “how-to” guide detailing fun ways to clean out your closets this spring.
  • What’s your closet personality? Goodwill has developed a fun quiz and checklists to identify the type of closet you have and what you could donate.

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