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Disclosure: Kohl’s provided me with a Kohl’s Gift Card to facilitate my review. The views expressed in this post are my own.

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I’m a reluctant shopper. I wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time, I loved hopping in my car, walking from store to store at the mall, staggering back to my car loaded down with shopping bags. LOVED IT. Then I became a mom. Everything changed. Ooof. Those kids sucked the joy out of shopping. I’m exaggerating, of course. My shopping experience completely changed…overnight.

When my oldest was born, I stopped shopping for me and started shopping only for the kids. My husband and I would pack up the kids and head to the mall. Full of vim and vigor. Ready and raring to go. Until, the first tantrum hit, and then the second, and then someone needed a diaper change, and then someone else was hungry. Hours later we would leave the mall exhausted, spent, one of us pushing the double stroller, the other loaded down with shopping bags, and all of us ready for a nap. I’ll let you in to a little secret…even with the tantrums and the tirades and the commotion, shopping for my kids is WAY more fun than shopping for me ever was. I love finding the perfect dress for that day out at the amusement park or the best t-shirt and shirt combo for a soccer game after dinner. Let’s put it this way, kids’ clothes are WAY more fun to shop for than adult clothing.

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The other day I shopped. In celebration of the 5th Annual Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Disneyland, Disney Living and Kohl’s Department Stores gave me a $50 gift card to shop the new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse themed Disney apparel by Jumping Beans at Kohl’s and also I did not need any further encouragement to get out there and shop. I needed to shop for clothes for Disneyland! I hadn’t shopped in forever due to the mounds and mounds of snow that descended on Baltimore this winter. After many, many snow days, the kids are back in school and I am back to my work-at-home routine. But every now and again I love changing out of pajamas and in to real people clothes and actually leaving the house during the school day. A during-the-school-day shopping trip felt SO decadent. Note: I need to get out more!

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The giant Disney Magic At Play sign in the children’s department at my nearest Kohl’s was hard to miss. I made a beeline for the sign. I saw lots and lots of very cute outfits for toddlers and little girls. Bright pinks. Polka dots. And frilly skirts. Can I tell how much I love that the girls’ line comes mostly in t-shirts, skirts, and dresses? So very girly! I spotted many outfits, but my top three were:

  • Minnie Mouse Polka Dotted Tutu Dress. How very Minnie!
  • Minnie Mouse Striped Bow-Back Tee paired with a black skirt with a red waistband.
  • Minnie Mouse “Stay Cool” Tank  paired with a frilly red skirt. So cute!

The girls’ clothes were so bright and cheerful. I couldn’t wait to see the boys’ line of clothing. I was in a time crunch. School pickup time was looming so I made walked fast, but did not run to the boys’ department. Unfortunately, the boys’ Magic At Play clothing from Disney Living and Jumping Beans was not on display yet. I circled the store a few times, but never saw it. I didn’t have time to ask a Kohl’s assistant as I had to leave. I was able to shop online at

Disney Jumping Beans Boy Collage

The boys’ line of Disney Living and Jumping Beans clothing were perfect for any Disney-obsessed boy. I had many favorites, but if I had to choose a top three. My top three would be:

  • Mickey Mouse Red Soccer Tee with Original Mickey Shorts. Goal!
  • Mickey Mouse Blue Muscle Tee and Mickey Mouse Shorts. Ready for a day at the beach or on the basketball court.
  • Mickey Mouse Performance Tee and Mickey Mouse Mesh Shorts. Soccer? Basketball? Baseball? Why choose one sport when you can play all three!

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