5 Tips for Purging and Decluttering Your Home #organization #home

Organization Dining Room Transformation to Office

1. Examine Your Home

My home is not small by any means. There are four bedrooms; a very large family room; a basement with laundry room, office, and storage room; and a two-car garage. When I built my home 20 years ago, all the rooms including the four bedrooms seemed more than enough house for my family. It was just my husband and me back then. Our furniture from our tiny townhouse barely filled our new home. We had two completely empty bedrooms. After one, two, now three children, our home has gone from empty to full seemingly almost overnight. We are not as they say “bursting at the seams,” but the overabundance of stuff makes the house feel closed in and cramped. Purging and decluttering of no-longer used toys and clothing is an integral part of my housekeeping regimen.

Organization Crafts

2. Sort Books

Books from my oldest child’s room are moved to the middle child’s bedroom, and then to the youngest child’s room. Once all three children are no longer reading the books, I place treasured books in each child’s keepsake box. I save a few books for my own keepsake box…I love a good children’s book.

  • Books — board books, beginning readers, short chapter books, nonfiction books — are sorted in to piles…consignment stores, Swap.com, and donation.
  • I take books to my favorite local consignment store. I usually call ahead for an appointment. I bring in my 25 or 50 highest quality items. Consignment stores will only accept books or other items in very good condition.
  • Books are also shipped to Swap.com. Swap.com takes a photo of each item, posts the photo, and handles the sale. Once an item sells, Swap.com deposits the money minus a small handling fee in your PayPal account. I also send children’s clothes, maternity clothes, children’s shoes, DVDs, CDs, computer games, toys, and games to Swap.com.
  • I sell books and more on local Facebook online yard sale groups.
  • I give books to friends and relatives with young children.
  • Anything not consigned or sold is donated. I drop off donated items at a local Goodwill store. I also have regularly scheduled pickups from Purple Heart and American Veterans.

Organization Box of Miscellaneous Toys3. Organize Toys, DVDs, and Computer Games

I follow the “Out of sight out of mind” philosophy. Toys are moved from the playroom to the basement storage room. If the kids ask for the toy, they can bring it out of storage. If not, the toy can be consigned or donated.

  • I have a knack for knowing what pieces go with which toy playsets. I’ll hunt high and low to find the white sheep that goes with the Little People Farm. No toy is unaccounted for!
  • Once the sets are assembled and bagged, I schedule an appointment with my local consignment store or send toys, computer games, DVDs, and board games to Swap.com.
  • Computer games can be traded in to GameStop.com for store credit. There’s also a MovieStop.com for trading in DVDs, although I have traded any movies yet.
  • For more tips on decluttering toys, visit this post or this post or even this post. I may not have a spotless home but I know a thing or two about organization!

Organization Sorting and Consigning Clothes4. Purge Clothing

A few years ago, we were drowning in clothing. Drowning! Every closet was overflowing. There were bags and boxes of outgrown clothes on every surface. Even though the task seemed insurmountable, I set about sorting all the clothes.

  • I wash all clothing.
  • I check for stains, tears, and wear and tear.
  • I sort clothes by gender and size.
  • I assemble sets of clothing…pajama top with matching pajama pants, rain coat with matching rain boots, dress with coordinating cardigan.
  • For more tips on consigning and selling kids’ clothing, visit this post.

Organization Storage Room Shelves After5. Declutter Storage, Bookshelves, and Furniture

A funny thing happened when I purged and decluttered all the books, toys, DVDs, and clothing. Once the piles, boxes, and clutter was reduced, I could finally see the furniture in each room. You have no idea how much stuff a room can hold until you remove a lot of the stuff. Reminds me of Hoarders. My house is no where near a Hoarders-level of clutter, but the piles and stacks were considerable. Once you have removed clutter and stuff from your home, you should:

  • Buy plastic storage bins. Over the years, I have used storage tubs to hold toys, games, DVDs, and more. Take it from me you can never have too many storage tubs. I re-purposed many of these storage tubs for storing Christmas decorations, keepsake books and treasured items, and clothing.
  • Buy cardboard storage boxes. You know the boxes that printer paper is shipped in? You can buy these boxes from your local office supply store or save the printer paper boxes. I store bills, tax returns, and school papers in these boxes.
  • Buy bookshelves. I purchased about 8 bookshelves for very little money from a local Facebook yard sale group. I put 6 in my garage and two in my storage room. I stacked the plastic storage tubs on the bookshelves.
  • Remove chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture that you are not using. I tend to pile items on ANY available surface. Without miscellaneous chairs and tables, I have no other choice but to sort and find a home for books, toys, papers, and other items.

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