This Whole Homework Thing Gets in the Way

Do you remember those carefree days before your child started school? You know the days when you could laze around in your jammies for the entire day. No where to go. No one to see. Certainly no school to get to. No bus to catch. And definitely no homework…
Homework is the bane of our existence. It is all we talk. Obsess. And ruminate about. With a 8-year-old, a 12-year-old, and a 15-year-old not a week or day goes by when a project, book report, poster, or other project does not need to be completed. We have homework on top of homework some nights.
The kids are good sports about homework. We have the odd skirmish, but homework gets done. Our teen and tween have the dubious honor of now having homework over the weekend. I suppose it is a rite of passage. Elementary school homework is easy, short, and over with quickly. Thankfully. And elementary school homework is only assigned Monday thru Thursday. Yay!
Not so for our teen, who had a bunch of homework due Monday, which coupled with a sports practice and a plan to go out with a friend, heralded a crazy, busy weekend. My youngest sometimes complains that his sisters don’t play with him. Truthfully his sisters would probably not play with him much. They are far too busy with their own little worlds. And yes the world does indeed revolve around the tween and teen sets.
How does homework play out in your home? A nightmare? A breeze? Does it depend on the kid or the day or the cycle of the moon? Share in the comments.

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