I Feel Like a Grownup…Yes, I Do!

You know how 10 years ago you could pick up a box of business cardstock and print your own cards. This was back in the day when the cards you printed had no logo…just your name, job title, business name and address, and perhaps an email, but definitely not twitter or Facebook or urls. No the biz cards of the late 90s/early 2000s were simple if you were a WAHM. Work was simple back then, wasn’t it? You used the biz card to call the person on the phone. If you were very “tech savvy” you emailed the person, but many people I worked with in the book publishing field did not have email in the 90s/early 2000s. Once you stashed the card in your Rolodex you were done. No more recordkeeping needed. Gosh, could I age myself anymore with this post!

Times have changed and this back-to-working-after-being-a-stay-at-home-mom has not kept up with the trends. Sure I have a business card, but the card is the DIY variety — you know the print-at-home kind. I set up a template on my computer with my name/blog/twitter/Facebook and hit print. But the business cards look…well printed at home…which they are…with inconsistencies in printing strengths of ink.

Over the past few months I have looked in to getting business cards professionally printed. For one reason — inertia, money, indecisiveness — or another I have put off getting biz cards printed on a machine other than my taxed-to-the-max laser printer until now. I’m thrilled to announce that I am the proud owner of a spectacular set of business cards. Yes!! Squee!! Here’s the card…

Isn’t this the prettiest card you have ever seen?? I love the color. Adore the way my blog logo looks like it was drawn on each card. Doesn’t the blue go beautifully with the blue of the border and the pastel colors of the sleepover girls photo? I’m gushing…I know, but really have you ever seen a more perfect card??

I tried one theme and then another and finally returned to the first theme…Modern Logo. I wanted to find a card that would incorporate all my deets, with my blog header, a photo, and my blog subhead. That’s a tall order, right. But I was able to find the perfect business card on Tiny Prints.
I hadn’t known that I wanted to include my blog’s subhead or my blog’s niche until I started looking at the many and varied card types. A few months ago I settled on a niche for my blog…family time. Seizing family time is a familiar pastime round these parts as I struggle to balance the demands of three children, with a work-outside-the-home dad, and a work-inside-the-home mom, not to mention activities, birthday parties, and family events. My family time niche needed a place on my card.
Want to learn more about Tiny Prints and how to get a snazzy card for yourself? Explore Tiny Prints…you might be surprised at the range of business cards and invitations…I know I was. Tiny Prints has a special right now — free shipping on orders over $45 when you use code “FREESHIP.”
Tiny Prints is very switched on to social media. You can follow on Twitter. And Facebook.
I chose a set of business cards to facilitate my review. I was compensated by Tiny Prints for the cost of the business cards and shipping. The views expressed in this article are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog with Integrity.

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