A Passion Realized…and a Special Offer from @Yoursphere

Passion? It’s a word I don’t use often. If you know me IRL or online, you’ll know I am not one to go overboard when talking…I’m too English…too reserved. I save the word “passion” for times when I completely support or love a person or a cause.

I rarely use “passion” when blogging about products, because well it would seem a little cavalier to get all passion-y about detergent. Phoney, much? No, when I review a product I write my review honestly with pros and cons. But, I rarely express my undying love for a product.

I can find a product useful, helpful, but only rarely do I find a product that I can gush about. Yoursphere is one such product. I have worked with the social networking site for kids and tweens as a spokesmom. My kids all joined Yoursphere. Yoursphere is FREE, too!

Yoursphere is a social networking site for kids by kids. No adults allowed. Why am I passionate about Yoursphere? Yoursphere allowed my teen to explore online in a safe environment with other kids her age. My tween joined after her sister because her sister talked about all the fun she was having on Yoursphere. Take it from me… If kids hear a friend or sibling talk positively and passionately about something…they want to do it. It’s the power of suggestion…the completely, positive, and uplifting version. Read on for a cool way to get more out of Yoursphere.

My son joined his sisters on Yoursphere. This little kid is not about to miss out on any fun. My kids have the best of both worlds online…they can join a social network AND learn how to explore online safely and positively.

And, Yoursphere is the perfect choice for the tween who is desperate for a Facebook account, but Mom/Dad say “No way!” Kids can get their feet wet in the kiddie social media pool…with Yoursphere. I don’t about you, but I don’t want my tween “playing” on Facebook especially since Facebook’s TOS specifies that users must be over 13.

The best part about Yoursphere is that it is FREE to join. How many things that your kids or tweens want are free? Not many, right?!

Yoursphere is running a contest right now for those who want to maximize their Yoursphere experience with a Gold membership. By upgrading to a Gold membership through Monday, your kid can get 50% off Gold membership AND if he/she is the 43rd person to upgrade they can win RockBand! By the way Yoursphere Gold Membership is only $4.95 per month!

Want to learn more about Yoursphere?

I work for Yoursphere on social media. The views expressed in this post are my own or those of my Kid, my Preteen, and my Teen. If you decide to sign your kids up for Yoursphere, you can use my code: YSMA-JILL. I receive a monetary reward for signups.

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