The Sound of Quiet: New to my #OpenSky Store

As a new homeowner living in the middle of nowhere I was astounded by the quiet. As I stood on the driveway our first night in our new house, I could hear nothing…literally nothing. No cars. No traffic. No horns. Nothing.

We had looked at houses in a county adjacent to DC, but it was out of our price range. Still is. My husband and I drove farther out of DC to find a house we could afford. Finding our dream house happened by accident. My father-in-law mentioned seeing an ad for a new housing development in a town I had never heard of. Turns out that my FIL used to play on the farm that was now a burgeoning neighborhood.

I was amazed at how quiet it was during the day and evening. It was a type of quiet I had never experienced. I lived briefly in the city during my post-college working years, but most of the time I lived in suburbia. I used to think that suburban life was quiet until I moved to the country.

My husband and I were four years in to our marriage with no kids. Our evenings at the new house were spent sitting on the porch or deck listening to the quiet stirrings of a wind chime given to us as a wedding present. The wind chime had the sound that matched the minimal sounds of wind stirring, leaves blowing, and cows mooing. We loved that wind chime. You can Buy Now at my OpenSky Shop.

Did you know that I sell wind chimes? Yes, wind chimes are a part of my stock in my OpenSky Store. Check out what I have in stock…more items to come.

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