Toys, Toys, and More Toys at My #OpenSky Store

With three children at home, we have toys. More toys than we know what to do with. Toys come in to our house as gifts from grandparents…from birthday parties…and just because. Toys go out of the house, too.

I don’t mind when a toy is ready for donation or consignment. I consider donation and consignment to be a kind of recycling. I want all toys to have a good home…in my home or someone else’s home. I am saddened when a toy leaves in the other way. I hate when a toy breaks or does not stand up to the wear and tear of the kids. I feel annoyed that money was wasted on a toy that was not built to be played with.

I carry a line a toys in my OpenSky store. A timeless range of toys that are durable and last from oldest to youngest and on. The line of toys is Melissa & Doug. I am sure you have a few Melissa & Doug items or you have seen the items in stores. I sell Melissa & Doug puzzles and stuffed animals in my OpenSky store. I can vouch for the quality of these toys.

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Melissa & Doug Giant Fire Truck Puzzle — Perfect for mom-toddler-preschooler time. Ideal for preschools and day care centers. Durable, firm puzzle pieces are easy for kids to pick up. Buy Now.

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Melissa & Doug Alphabet Puzzle — Another go-to toy for toddlers and preschoolers. Alphabet puzzle encourages kids to look for where each piece fits. My youngest loved adding piece after piece to the puzzle. The train would go on and on and on! Buy Now

Stop by! I’m adding new products every day!

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