I Can See the Numbers on the Coffee Pot!

I remember it as if it was yesterday.

This is one of those cliches. Probably a tad overused. But appropriate under certain circumstances.

Seven years ago, I was sitting at my kitchen table. It was spring and I was wearing a worn denim shirt. Comfy clothes. I’d slept most of the afternoon and awoken refreshed if not a little groggy.

I was staring straight ahead. Looking all around me. Glancing from one part of the kitchen to another. Taking in every little detail. Yes, most of what I saw was blurry. But, then I saw it as plain as the nose on my face. Way over on the other side of the kitchen. Far away from where I sat at the kitchen table. It was bright. Flashing a bit, but that’s because everything including this lights was blurry.

What did I see on that day? I saw the glowing lights of the coffeemaker. Why is this significant you might ask? Well, after almost 30 years of wearing glasses and after years of seeing very little without my glasses, I had finally taken the plunge and undergone laser eye surgery. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to see the lighted numbers on the coffeemaker. Now granted the numbers were not clear. They were very blurry. But after 30 years of not being able to see anything except if I was wearing glasses, I was finally able to see without glasses or contact lenses.

My decision to get laser eye surgery was not a quick one. I read about it in 1992. That’s right I spent about 15 or so years reading, researching, and thinking about laser eye surgery, before actually getting the surgery done. In fact, in the time I was researching there were significant developments and improvements in laser eye surgery.

I’m now 7 years post surgery. I had no complications. My surgeon did a great job. I was fastidious about my after surgery care and saw the ophthalmologist at the specified by him times. I’m not the type of person to jump in to a big decision without thorough thought and contemplation. My eye surgery was no exception.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my laser eye surgery journey. Coming in tomorrow’s post. Update: My post is up…and you can get a coupon code for Rivet & Sway glasses!


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