Spring in to Spring with Home Depot and @Savings #SpringIntoSavings

Disclosure: I was compensated by Savings.com to write this post. The views expressed in this post are my own.

Spring has sprung! Note how I am ignoring that I am wearing slippers inside and that it is not at all spring-like outside. I’m in la-la land. After the Polar Vortex winter here in Maryland, I am ready to call it spring even if it is only spring according to the calendar. Seriously, as I type this post my fingers are even cold! Rubbing my hands together so that I can continue this post as I must tell you about the amazing Savings.com deal!

But first I must tell you about my newest home improvement project. I haven’t started it yet, but I am nearer to starting than at any other time. Do you want to know what my project is? My kitchen! I’m finally going to renovate my kitchen. I don’t even cook and I’m excited to get this project going. If I did cook, I would have started my kitchen renovations YEARS ago! But, since I only cook very simple meals for my family, I have made do with my oh-s-o-small kitchen. but, finally the size of the kitchen, the lack of counter space, and the fact that i can’t open the fridge door unless I pull one of the chairs in to the table has finally gotten the best of me. It’s a really tight squeeze. We don’t have a lot of $$ but bit by bit we are going to tackle the kitchen. First up is to knock out the wall to the dining room, and create a larger kitchen with an eat-in area. We never use the dining room anyway, so no loss their. Do you have a spring home improvement project in the pipeline? And don’t forget that you can get all your home improvement needs…and wants…at Home Depot. Your one-stop shop for home improvements.

O.K….now I can tell you about the awesome giveaway! Savings.com is giving away $3,000 in Home Depot e-gift cards from 4/21/2014 to 4/23/2014. That’s FIFTY $20 gift cards each day!

This giveaway will run simultaneously with Home Depot’s best deal of the year. The Home Depot deal is $10 off purchases of $100 or more deal. Use PROMO CODE: SPRINGHD. This deal starts on Monday, April 21, 2014 and will run through Sunday, April 27, 2014. Find the deal here. That’s a lot of $$ so you can get all your home improvement projects done! Woohoo!

Here’s the Savings.com Home Depot Giveaway details:

  • Savings.com is giving out $3,000 worth of Home Depot gift cards. 150 $20.00 gift cards. $1,000 each day of giveaway over 3 days!
  • The giveaway will start on Monday, April 21 and end on Wednesday, April 23 at 7:00 PM EST, users can enter the giveaway by heading to the Home Depot page on Savings.com and submitting their email address.
  • At 7:00 PM EST on each day the sweepstakes is running (Monday the 21st, Tuesday the 22nd, and Wednesday the 23rd) 50 of the winners will be selected and $1,000 dollars worth of gift cards will be given out.
  • Readers can enter the sweepstakes once a day, with the giveaway being reset at 7:01 PM EST on Monday and Tuesday. This means everyone can enter this sweepstakes 3 times — potentially allowing someone to win $60 worth of gift cards.
  • Savings.com will notify the winners and send them their gift card code via the email address they use to enter.

So! What are you waiting for? Hurry on over here and enter to win!

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