Spotlight on PR: Jill Berry

Spotlight Who am I? I’m a writer. In the early days of my career I shied away from the “writer” title. I was an editor of other people’s writing. I loved my job as a Senior Editor for a publisher, but there was something missing. Writing!

I found my voice. I love to write…about anything. I am the Preteen Editor at TypeAMom. I write for the DC section of the Silicon Valley Moms Group: DC_Metro_Moms. I muse about my kid, preteen, and teen at Musings. I tweet with the best of them — 140 characters or less — @MusingsfromMe. I even do Facebook.

But, writing is not the only instrument in my arsenal. I am a Mom Rep for an online site for preteens and teens. I publicize Yoursphere to my children’s schools, my community, and through twitter, my blog, and Facebook. I am passionate about keeping my children safe on the internet. My 10-year-old and 13-year-old are not on Facebook or MySpace. I limit their internet access to approved, age-appropriate sites. My 13-year-old balks at the restrictions, but her safety is of paramount importance to me.

When not writing or tweeting, I proudly do product reviews. I take my job seriously. I mainly review food items, DVDs, CDs, toys, and events.

My wishlist for reviews would be:

– I have a preteen and a teen — and a husband — who love gadgets. We have a wii and a PS3 as well as 3 Nintendo DS devices — so games for any of these systems would get a throrough workout.

-I’d LOVE to pair up with a travel company, airline, Disney, a cruise, or a hotel chain to get the word out about a brand.

– My vacuum is almost dead — looking for a vaccum manufacturer to let me take a new vacuum for a spin.

– I might be the last person blogging who does NOT have either a laptop or an internet phone — sad, but true.

– My ultimate dream would be to become a mom spokesperson for a big name brand. I would love to involved with getting a brand name out there. I have done this type of publicity with Libby’s, Yanni Voices, and EA Sports Active in a small way. I’m loyal, thorough, and reliable. I would do my best to represent a brand via social networking, word of mouth, and via my blog.

I’m a unique blogger. How am I different from any other blogger? I blog about a kid, a preteen, and a teen. My children are not cute, cuddly babies. I can’t blog about every single happening in their lives as they have a right to personal space. I talk to my preteen and teen all the time about what I can and cannot blog about.

As a TypeAMom writer, I plan to attend the TypeAMom_Conferencein September. TypeAMom has generously paid my registration. I still need to find a way to pay for airfare, hotel, and meal expenses — I would be willing to represent a brand at the conference.

I can be reached via e-mail (JillAnneBerry at msn dot com) or on twitter (@musingsfromme). I look forward to working for a brand.

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