Snuggie: Blanket, Dress, Robe?

You must have heard of the Snuggie…you know those commercials on TV for the blanket with sleeves? The blanket you can wear in your living room, or at the football game, or around a campfire while roasting marshmallows. I chuckled when I saw the commercial. Clapper anyone? ShamWow?

I recall purchasing a bottle of some liquid that “claimed” to keep glasses on your nose after seeing an ad in a magazine. Did it work? If you guessed no, you would be right! Still I am intrigued by the Snuggie. In these economic times even we are lowering our thermostat just a little. Sometimes a blanket comes in handy. But the problem, is that that blanket falls off my shoulders or does not completely cover my legs. Enter the Snuggie…I don’t have one, but can’t help wondering if the idea of a blanket with sleeves long enough to cover neck, chest, body, and legs, might not be just the idea for me.

Further proof of the usefulness of the Snuggie, I give you Lindsay Ferrier, a Nashville columnist and mommy blogger. She wrote this column on the Snuggie: She actually wore the Snuggie to a restaurant. Upside she was warm. Downside the sleeve ended up in the salsa and she tripped over the hem two times. But, she was warm and isn’t that what matters. Right!?!

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