Snuggie Update

At dinner last night my children and I started talking about the Snuggie. Well, actually I was still laughing about an earlier discussion and the conversation continued. We got to talking about other uses of the Snuggie:

Snuggie with surround sound for ultimate music entertainment

Snuggie with pockets for remote controls and wiimotes and Star Wars figures suggested by my 5-year-old son

Snuggie with ipod jack suggested by my 10-year-old daughter

– My always cold husband might like an electric blanket Snuggie — would it be safe?

– My oldest daughter thinks the Snuggie should have a “Snuglie” on the back for holding a baby and a shelf on the front to hold older children…stacked like cereal boxes? She wasn’t clear.

Snuggie with legs

There you have it — family dinner conversation Snuggie-style. Get your Snuggie on!

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