Dental Floss or Thread

What items around my house have different purposes. Let’s go on a scavenger hunt….

Dental Floss — We went skiing MLK weekend and my daughter was asking me why the bag for our boots had green thread on the zipper. I got super excited when she asked me this. I proceeded to regale her with the story of how I was returning to England from Italy with this bag 20 years ago. The zipper was broken and I really wanted to use the bag. I had no thread, but I did have dental floss and a needle — green waxed dental floss. Dental floss definitely saved the day for me. 20 years later I am still using the same boot bag.

I used dental floss to repair a hotel crib…I secured the sides of the crib at one corner with floss. Looking back I should have returned the crib to room service, but it was 1 a.m. and my daughter needed to go to sleep.

Coffee Filters — Coffee filters are great for use as a craft project for kids. My kids would use markers to color the coffee filter, then put the coffee filter in water. They loved seeing the colors run.

Paper Grocery Bags — I have three children who bring home an inordinate amount of worksheets, school projects, and book reports each school day. I have a teeny, tiny problem…I am a pack rat and cannot bear to part with any papers until the end of the school year. Over the years I’ve tried to contain the papers in a variety of boxes, but the most useful device…an ordinary grocery bag. Lightweight, stores easily…works for me.

Febreze Fabric Refresher — I spray shirts with Febreze when I iron. The Febreze wets down the shirt just enough so that I can iron the creases that wouldn’t be there if I just ironed the shirt straight out of the dryer. Harrumpphh!

So, what household product do you use in a different way? Let me know.

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