Slowly Moving Out of the Dark in to the Light

All was well until…

  • The drive home from Thanksgiving Dinner #2 at my parent’s house.
  • I had eaten in moderation for TGiving Dinner #1 in preparation for TGiving Dinner #2.
  • Once I embarked on TGiving Dinner #2 I overdid the sides. Plus ate prime rib but bypassed the turkey. Variety is the spice of life when all is said and done.
  • The piece of apple pie and Cool Whip was left barely eaten as I digested TGiving Dinner #2.
  • We had an enjoyable family time watching Harry Potter #4. There are not many films that can be enjoyed by 7 to 70-odd-year-olds.
  • On the drive home I felt unsettled. Stomach churning. Not good.
  • Arrived home to get to some work.
  • As husband did the bedtime routine I struggled to focus. I was glazing over. Feeling hot.
  • Got sick. Called it a night.
  • Tossed and turned for hours.
  • Listened as my husband tended to our daughter. I was helpless to do anything for her.
  • On Black Friday I was rooted to my bed. So was my daughter.
  • I stirred mid afternoon to do some household chores and finish a post or two.
  • I did finish both posts, but quickly took a nap. A nap which became bedtime.
  • This morning I puttered around. Felt much better.
  • I sent out a tweet 26 or so hours after my “I feel icky” tweet.
  • And now I am on the road to recovery. Drinking well. Nibbling, but not ready for full meals.
  • Was it TGiving Dinner…probably not. My guess the bad old stomach flu!

Oh, and my daughter is feeling better too!

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