The Office: MusingsfromMe Style

I was in a stomach flu induced stupor yesterday. I was barely able to keep going without sipping water sparingly and sleeping in a hibernating bear fashion. During one night or maybe a long nap, I dreamed the following dream.

  • I was returning to my office.
  • An office I haven’t worked at full-time since 1995. I worked at this office freelance from 1996-2002. Last stepped foot in the office in late spring for the office closing down party.
  • The Office looked my old office from the layout to the cubicles.
  • Therein the resemblance ended.
  • My deskmate was Dwight from The Office.
  • Dwight was just as annoying and creepy as on the show.
  • He was boring me to death with some arcane office plan.
  • Michael was striding around giving orders. I wish I could remember what he said!
  • In the back of the office was a huge glass floor area that was used as an ice skating rink.
  • Dwight told me that the ice skating rink floor was so that natural light could come in to The Office, but the office was on the 3rd floor so what the heck??
  • I wish I could remember more of this bizarro dream, but usually I remember very little so it is a plus that I am able to recall anything.

What is your oddest dream?

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