Sightseeing in D.C. with Kid, Preteen, and Teen

Taking pics at the foot of the Jefferson statue. And, three a kid, a preteen, and a teen posing with Eleanor Roosevelt. In her day all three would have been silent children…ahhh the good old days!

Snapping pics on the mall with a certain brand new KidiZoom camera and helpful carrying pouch.

Riding on the Metro…the highlight of the trip for the kid, the preteen, and the teen.

And, the bagged lunch because food downtown is (a) too expensive or (b) too risky when purchased from a vending cart. We bought a couple of ice creams and bottles of soda from a person in a vending cart late in the day. Her hands were so dirty…ewww. I cannot imagine her preparing a hotdog with those hands. So, a bagged lunch from home and a prepackaged ice cream will have to do.

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