Kajeet Prize Pack Giveaway!

Do you know my friend Janine? She twitters as @twincident. She is someone from bloggieland who I met IRL. Yep, I met her for coffee. She told me I would recognize her by her pink laptop case. Pink laptop case is the new red carnation in the lapel! I saw her again at the circus. I’m to the left of the photo — standing next to me is @jodifur, Janine, and @eringifford – we are at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus. I also met up with Janine at an NIH/Subway event. In fact, here is her interview with Laila_Ali. She is a Mom Rep for Kajeet phones, which brings me to…

A giveaway for 2 Kajeet Prize Packs courtesy of Janine! The packs contain the following items:

  • Kajeet t-shirt
  • buttons
  • stickers
  • notepad with pen
  • tattoos
  • magnets

Kajeet phones have “amazing” parental controls. A great phone for the preteen or teenager in your family. Parents can monitor when the phone is used and set a budget for how much the child can use the phone. Preteens and teens often do not have any idea how to limit their use of the phone. Kajeet allows parents to set limits for their children.

To enter, do one or all of these by Monday, April 20 at 11:59 p.m. I’ll pick two winners:

  • Go to www.Kajeet.com/Janine, look around and leave a comment about what is the best feature of the Kajeet phone.
  • Sign up to read this blog via reader — see sidebar. Leave a comment.
  • Twitter about this entry and leave a comment with your twitter post (you can find the exact url for your tweet by clicking on the “5 minutes ago” part of the tweet).
  • Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link url.

Want to buy a Kajeet phone? I have an offer for my loyal readers…

  • If you buy a Kajeet phone and use TWOFER code you will get 15% off!
  • If you buy a Kajeet phone BEFORE April 20th you can ALSO use Bonus 10 code at activation (as long as it’s activated before end of May).

Good luck!

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