Easter Fun AKA Eating Too Much Food

With two sets of grandparents within 10-15 miles of each other, we spend holidays shuttling between the houses. So, it’s two dinners, two sets Easter baskets, two sets of candy, two desserts, and the list goes on and on. It’s what we do on all holidays except Christmas Day.

On Christmas Day everyone comes to our house. It’s a great day — and we don’t have to go anywhere. On the holidays when we visit the two houses — the day becomes a marathon of eating. Can you imagine eating two full meals? Well, that is what we do. I have a healthy appetite — code for this is the reason I cannot to lose weight. Even I am at time overwhelmed by the sheet quantities of food. But, we get by eating as small as we can manage meals at each house.

When we had an infant or a toddler the bigger question how could we manage to arrive at the next house with a happy toddler or baby. Take it from me — after three children we never found the solution to his dilemma. We tried everything. But the fact of the matter was that all three children took the best naps in their crib and not in Grandma’s crib or Grandma’ pack-n-play.

Coach Dad took one for the team each year by “volunteering” to “nap” with the baby or toddler. This convenient scenario for him resulted in him having a nice nap on the spare bed while the baby or toddler stayed up wide awake. No nap in sight. One year I sat on the bed beside my slumbering husband and tried to get the baby to take a nap.

So. glad. those. days. are. over. Now it is Coach Dad and I who do the snoozing while the children watch movies or play with their cousins.

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