Musings on Laundry

I posted on Electrolux’s new Eco-Friendly Washer and Dryer, which I would love to win! Don’t forget to plant a flower for a friend. I planted a purple flower with a purple butterfly for a friend who is very earth-conscious (Hi — Christina!).

My eco-friendly and energy-saving laundry tips —

  • I wash darks, lights, and in-betweens in separate washes, of course.
  • I only wash lights in hot water, everything else is in cold.
  • I no longer use dryer sheets.
  • I use concentrated laundry detergent.
  • I often don’t use fabric softener.
  • I iron shirts straight out of the dryer — Coach Dad is pleased about this one.

In an efficiency bid, I wash a load of clothes, put a load in the dryer, and then put dry clothes back in basket — not earth-shattering. But I do not start another load until the last load is folded. Also I have my children carry their clothes upstairs to save my energy!

So, what are you doing to be eco-friendly? Leave a comment.

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