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Not too long ago I had a cell phone related accident. What was it? Can you guess? No, I wasn’t in a car accident resulting in a damaged phone. Nope, I didn’t drop the phone in the toilet. And no,  my children didn’t drop the phone on the driveway. Give up?

Well, about 3 years ago, we took a family ski vacation to Seven Springs (PA) with my family and extended family. My kids were 12, 10, and about 5. None had skied before. I was a good skier in my day, not an Intermediate skier, but a strong Advanced Beginner. Before going on this ski vacation the last time I skied was back in the early 90s. To say I was rusty was an understatement. On the first day, I huffed and puffed and sidestepped and took some leisurely runs and struggled on some other runs and generally had a good time. My daughters took ski lessons and so did my son.

On the second and final day, while my husband skied with our girls, I hung out with my son. We did the bunny slopes, tried the pummel lifts, and generally stayed out of trouble. On the final run of the day, I told my son that we would do one more pummel lift up to the top of the run. As we waited in line at the bottom of the life, I could feel my legs give way. Every try to hold on to jello? That’s what my legs felt like….wobbly jello…after 2 days of skiing. I could feel my legs collapsing underneath me as I struggled to stay upright. It was no use, I had no strength in my legs to stay upright. And that’s how it happened…

…I felt down on top of my son who was in front of me. I braced my fall and saved him from being squished by jamming my ski pole in to my ribcage. I managed to stay upright-ish. I only smushed my son a little bit. But, my phone? The phone I had stashed in my pocket because I wanted to connect with my husband while he skied with our daughters? My poor cell phone didn’t stand a chance. The screen was smashed in to a million tiny pieces. Still worked but the phone was toast. Let me tell you that a phone with a taped screen is a poor substitute for a phone.

I couldn’t wait to get my upgrade. You know how it is when wait and wait for something. You end up loving it even more than you thought possible.

As I shopped the Verizon store last week I felt like a kid in the proverbial candy store. I saw shiny things as far as the I could see.

Like this reader…mmmm, what I wouldn’t give to have this shiny tablet in my stocking!

Phones, smartphones, flip phones, and tablets. A station for paying your Verizon bill. Helpful store technicians. One of them very helpfully diagnosed a problem I was having with my phone.

One of the many shiny objects that caught my eye was the Motorola Bionic Phone. My husband is a fan of Motorola. His first or second phone was a Motorola. At some point — pre-cellphone — we had a set of Motorola walkie talkies. Do you remember those? The kids loved playing with the walkie talkies before the older two had cell phones.

The Droid Bionic is a powerful phone:

– 4G LTE fuel

– dual core processing

– ability to stream movies, documents, and more from your PC through your Droid Bionic with ZumoCast app.

– 4.3″ qHD screen — the screen was crystal clear.

– You can run your phone on a monitor or HD TV with the Droid’s web app.

– The phone runs many, many Android apps.

– Runs multiple networks.

– Touch screen and very easy to use.

– 8 megapixel camera

– VGA-P2P Video

– 8x Digital Zoom

– LED Flash

– Video chatting with friends, family, kids, would be super fun, wouldn’t it?

Easy to videochat with the Droid Bionic by Motorola.

After I shopped for the Droid Bionic by Motorola phone, I created a Google+ slideshow. Care to see what I discovered as I trekked through the Verizon Winter Wonderland?

I fiddled with the knobs and kicked the tires of the Droid Bionic by Motorola. One of my favorite features was the sleek design of the phone. It fit in my palm…carefully and not too heavy. I was able move my hand while I held the phone. Do you remember the old days of the heavy cell phone. I don’t want to return to those days do you? I’ll talk a sleek, lightweight phone anyday.

Shopping for a phone is a good experience at Verizon. Believe me when I tell you that I have only had ONE cell phone carrier since 1995. Got my first cell phone at Bell Atlantic Mobile…a precursor to Verizon. Have not thought about switching to another carrier…ever.

Want to learn more about the Droid Bionic by Motorola? Check out my pics!

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