Laundry Woes

I left a comment on FireMom’s post about the Bounce Dryer Bar. I didn’t leave a one word or a one line comment. No, not me. I left a long comment. Now in fairness to me I was answering a writing prompt. The type of writing prompt where I felt compelled to spill it. And spill it I did.

Now I should also point out that the writing prompt was one of the entry methods for a giveaway on FireMom’s blog. The contest is sponsored by BlogHer and Bounce. The prizes: a $50 Visa Card and a Bounce Dryer bar. And so you can see why I couldn’t help myself from answering the burning question…What was your worst laundry woe?

For a person who has as many issues with cooking as I do, you would think that I would be equally unskilled with laundry. You would be wrong. While I may cook up a storm — literally — in the kitchen. When it comes to laundry, I have had very few laundry disasters. In reverse order…

  • I washed my son’s favorite t-shirt — a white shirt with a picture of a monkey playing a guitar — with a load of red shirts. Result: A pink t-shirt.
  • I washed a brand new shirt of my daughter’s from Forever 21. Result: the shirt has a small brown mark on the shoulder that cannot be removed. I’ve noticed other marks…I think there may be an exposed edge in the dryer.
  • I dried my daughter’s volleyball team shirt instead of hanging it to dry. Result: the lettering on the shirt started to flake a little.
  • And finally…

My worst laundry woe still stings. It was the 80s. I was obsessed with all things Benetton. In fact I shopped at all of the Benetton branded stores — in England, my home country; in Italy, the country where I visited when my family lived there; and the U.S., where I went to college.

I purchased a very delicate crew neck sweater in robin’s egg blue from a Benetton in Milan. I dithered and debated on whether to buy the sweater as it was a little expensive on my college student budget. Or perhaps…and more likely my parents paid for the sweater or it was purchased as an early Christmas gift.

Whatever the circumstance, I loved that sweater. After much in-decision, I bought it. Soon I had paired the sweater with a number of pants. Skirts….hey it was the 80s and skirts were in. Scarves, too.

I washed it. To my horror when I pulled out the delicate sweater from the washer, I noticed that the arms on the sweater had stretched to about 4 feet in length…each. The body of the sweater had shrunk to the size of the body of a small child. I stood staring at the sweater before realizing that no amount of washing or drying would get the sweater back to its original size. And I didn’t even dry it!

I put the now teeny tiny sweater with the insanely long octopus arms in a large, untidy bundle in the corner of my closet. Shortly, thereafter the sweater was placed in the trash, but only when I was ready to let go of it.

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