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If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I tweet. A lot. It’s what I do. I have made a science — at least in my own mind — of keeping my tweets pithy, on point, concise, and informative. All within the 140 characters or less. I want you to not only read the tweet, but click on the link.

My tweeting has been in overdrive lately. I’m kind of a machine. Tweeting all hours of the day. My main focus is on what else…BlogHer. It seems that I dream about the BlogHer hashtag. I wonder if I dream in 140 character chunks?

I’m a sharer by nature. Ask my kids. I’ll share pretty much anything with my kids except perhaps my Starbucks coffee drink. I have some limits to my generosity.

The past few months as parties, events, and sessions were announced I have posted news about those events to Twitter and the forum I run. I am the Community Manager of the MomSpark Forum. The MomSpark Forum is part of MomSpark Media.

Today I posted on the Forum about packing for BlogHer AND a family vacation. How will I get a Mom, a Dad, a Teen, a Tween, and a Kid all packed for a trip to San Diego and Los Angeles AND pack the Mom for BlogHer? I posted my packing strategy on the Forum. I’m cross posting here:

The Musings from Me family will fly out to San Diego tomorrow. Are we ready? Packed? Excited? Well, one out of three ain’t bad!

I’m hoping the excitement for the trip will carry over in to packing. We’ll see.

Here’s my strategy to get all us packed for the family trip to San Diego and Los Angeles and me packed for BlogHer.

  • The Tween brought up 5 rolling suitcases from the basement storage room. 1 for each of us.
  • While the Tween was searching for luggage, I had the Kid bring down 9 pairs of shorts, 9 shirts, 9 pairs of socks, 9 pairs of underwear, 1 swim suit, and a couple of Polo shirts. Aren’t boys easy when it comes to clothes? Now girls are a different story! 1 pile of clothes, 2 piles, and 3 piles later and his suitcase is packed.
  • The Teen and Tween are in their bedrooms packing their own clothes in to their rolling suitcases. I’ll do a cursory inspection as both are good at knowing what to pack.
  • Of the two remaining suitcases (sounds like a math problem doesn’t it?), I will use the larger of the suitcases for all my clothes for BlogHer and my clothes for the family trip to SD/LA. I will join the family once BlogHer is over. We’re staying in the same hotel room, but I bet I rarely see them!
  • My husband will pack his clothes in the smaller of the two suitcases.

I’ll need a variety of clothes for BlogHer…a dress, a skirt, quite a few daytime blouses, a number of evening type blouses, 2 light jackets, capris and dressy shoes, and of course shoes. For the family trip, I’m packing shirts, t-shorts, sneakers, and flip flops.

Now the dilemma, how will I pack so that I have enough clothes for BlogHer and the family trip AND have room for whatever swag I pick up from BlogHer. Wire hangers!

Yes, my solution is to use wire coat hangers for the BlogHer clothes. I’ll transport my BlogHer clothes in my suitcase on hangers, hang the clothes in the closet to keep the clothes a little wrinkle free., and then leave the hangers in the hotel room when I leave San Diego. The clothes for the family part of the trip will be folded and stacked in the suitcase. Once I leave BlogHer, I will fold the BlogHer clothes that I didn’t wear to save space.

What is your packing secret?

For more…oh so much more about #BlogHer, visit the MomSpark Fourm. You will find discussion threads on packing, of course; but also what to wear, parties and events, the brands that will be at BlogHer, celebrity sightings, and oh so much more. I want to give a shout out to our fabulous community…many of the posts were added by MomSpark forum members. Love our community of bloggers!

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