Achieving Balance Naturally

I’m 46…I think. I tend not to think about my age. I do dwell on the passage of time, but not much. I get wrapped up in the fact that my oldest will go to college in a few short years. But for the most part I don’t worry about how old I look or feel. I’m 46 with graying hair. I need to deal.
As a teen I had horrible period pains…uh…menstrual cramps. I’m English and we use different terms that can cause confusion. Major confusion. I will never forget the time the checker at a small supermarket had to call for a price check on what I referred to as “sanitary towels.” I was a teen on vacation with my family in Philadelphia. I kept telling the checker — a teen guy no less — that the price for sanitary towels was $?? and he kept telling me that he needed to find a price for “maxi pads.” I was like…maxi pads?…what are maxi pads? He found the price. I’m sure we were both red-faced at the end of the transaction. I never used the term “sanitary napkin” again.
But, back to the menstrual cramps. They were awful, just awful. I was prescribed some sort of drug. I was 17 and I have no idea what drug I was prescribed. Isn’t that awful? I should have asked what I was taking, but I didn’t. In any event I took a drug on the days I had the menstrual cramps for a period of 4 years. One day the constant doubling over and vomiting and general bone-weary tiredness disappeared. Vanished. I have not had major problems with my periods lately.

But, menopause is on the horizon. I’m observing little changes here and there. An imbalance of hormones. Hormone imbalance can cause weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and more. I recently heard about a treatment option for women experiencing issues associated with hormone imbalance. Have you heard of bioidentical hormones? I’m sure you know about hormone replacement therapy, but what about bioidentical hormone replacement.

Body Logic MD offers bioidentical hormones to women, which are an exact replica of hormones produced by the body. The bioidentical hormones match the body’s natural hormones. Body Logic MD bases its products on compounds found in plants.

A certified physician will tailor a program to suit the needs of patients with early menopause symptoms, menopause, perimenopause, or even severe PMS. Services can include dietary supplements, fitness programs, nutrition planning, stress reduction plans, as well as administration of bioidentical hormones.

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