Test Driving Is Not Just for Kids

In our home, there is a pecking order. A system if you will. It all begins with the package. It actually begins before the package with the UPS or FedEx trucks. My kids spot the truck. They must have ESP or something. The kids can smell a delivery truck a mile off.
But back to the pecking order….
When a package arrives, the pounce. My tween wiill survey the package. Examine. It. Flip it over. Scrutinize it. And generally access what it is. She knows what she seeks. She wants a package filed with her type of stuff…makeup. knick knacks,gadgets. Je welry, funtween stuff. And of course electronic gadgets.
Electronic anything is the best surprise within.a.package of all. My tween will pounce on the box. Quite literally. Over the past few years that i have done reviews, my kids have become experts.
Today it is my turn to play with this HTC Flyer Tablet. And play I am.

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