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I’m not a beach person…never have been…never will be. I’m not a sun worshipper. I burn easily. I hate sunscreen and sand mixed together. My family love the beach. Even though my children are as fair-skinmed as I am they still love the beach. Oh, all three fight sunscreen application, but all three would rather suffer the sticky, slimy sunscreen than avoid the beach all together.

The lone highlight to our trip to Ocean City, Maryland, is the Tangier Outlets in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I get a sense of calm when visiting the outlets — I am home! I’m not a shopper but I love having so many great stores avaialble to me. My fave is the Gap_Outlet— baby, toddler, preschooler, kid, preteen, teen, or adult…there is something for everyone at the Gap_Outlet.

Back-to-school shopping gets trickier once kids reach the preteen and teen years. My oldest didn’t mind what I bought her — if it was pink and frilly she was in. One year after shopping at the outlets I noticed that she was not thrilled with what I bought her. She wore it, but kept asking what else I had seen at the outlets.

The next year I took her with me. Now it is a tradition that on the way home from the beach we all go to the Outlets: me, the teen, the preteen, the kid, and the husband. Now my husband and the kid couldn’t be less interested — they will plead with the girls and I to go home. The girls and I are resolved we are Outletting!

It’s funny how you can instill money saving tips that a teen will listen to when the teen is spending her own money. My teen looks at sale racks, shops for bargains, and will weigh the pros and cons of one item of clothing over another. Sweet!

The teen will let the preteen know of she is spending too much money. I love hearing these conversations — it means my words are not falling on deaf ears.

Husband and Kid Bide Their Time at the Outlets

Husband and Kid Bide Their Time at the Outlets

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