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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.

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We have a running joke in my family that I am on my phone a lot. According to the kids, I am on my phone all the time. I beg to differ! Part of the problem is that I do social media for a living. Often, I have to tweet or post to Facebook when we are out and about. I try to limit time spent on the phone…really I do…but sometimes I’m waiting for an email to arrive in my inbox or desperately need to send out a tweet. What can I say except that I am trying to “sign off” more and spend more time engaged with my family.

But, I also have a husband and two teens with smartphones. Hello, pot? Where is kettle? These three are no strangers to tweeting and instagramming while we are out and about with family. I guess they learned from me?! But, smartphones are in many ways super helpful. I’ve found coupons when checking in on Foursquare. My husband used a Disney app for wait times at Disneyland. The kids have downloaded apps for their favorite store in the mall so that they can accumulate points and discounts while shopping.

I’ll be the first to admit that my smart phone is glued to my body the majority of the time. My phone is in my pocket or in my purse or charging on my nightstand. I always know where it is. Is your phone glued to your body, too? And I’ll bet you have a favorite app or two, don’t you?

We all have apps for go-to necessities like map guide or weather forecast. But what about apps that once you download you cannot live without? Do you have one or two of those? I recently discovered the Shop Your Way mobile app.

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Prepare yourself for the new app that is destined to be your next obsession. The Shop Your Way mobile app is a member’s dream. Once you download the app, you’ll find that it stores up to 20% in coupons or pointsthat you can redeem directly from your smart phone. Say goodbye to carrying around that coupon pouch! I HATE carrying coupons with the passion of a thousand fire-y suns. Loathe handling a crumpled paper to the cashier only to have the cashier painstakingly smooth out the coupon to scan the bar code. No more!

With the Shop Your Way mobile app you have an efficient way to store coupons and wrack up points that you can redeem, but it is also a fun way to save money. As a bonus, you can use the app to go behind the scenes of our celebrity brands like Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj, and much more. Download the Shop Your Way app today!

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