Shop Your Way This Holiday Season #PersonalShopper

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears and Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own.


Did you buy a lottery ticket? I haven’t purchased a lottery ticket in years. Even when these jackpots get high, I’m not tempted to rush out to buy a lottery ticket. But this jackpot was at $650 million. Seriously?! Before I could get a ticket, my husband had purchased one. It was intoxicating to dream of all the stuff I would buy with the winnings. A person can dream, right?
Alas, I was not the big winner. There were two winners and neither was me. Sad face. Like many of you, I wish for a bigger budget, especially at the holidays. I. Want. To. Buy. All. The. Presents. More sad face, I cannot buy all the presents.
Lucky for me, Sears and Kmart want to help me out of my shopping doldrums. Have you heard of the Personal Shopper program at Sears and Kmart? As a Personal Shopper you will earn commission to put towards your holiday budget on every qualifying purchase your family and friends make. And that’s not all as you will get that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling helping others with your shopping expertise.
And that’s not all! Shop Your Way wants to award its Personal Shoppers the chance to earn big commissions. You can earn up to 5% in commission just by gaining more clients, reaching sales numbers, following new brands on Shop Your Way, sending client invitees and more. If you think you don’t have what it takes to become a Personal Shopper, you’re probably wrong. If you find yourself giving advice often, enjoy making connections and have an entrepreneurial spirit, Personal Shopper would be a great fit for your lifestyle. Your success awaits!b

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