Parenting a Teen: The Slippery Slope

I read the Zits cartoon by Jim Scott and Jerry Borgman every Sunday in The Washington Post. The cartoon is a portrait in teenage lethargy. The teen who cannot move a muscle. The teen who is unable to carry a bowl from the coffee table to the kitchen, but had no problems carrying the same bowl to the coffee table. It’s about priorities, people. The teen has the priority of making sure that the teen moves only when the teen wants to. No questions.

If you have a teenager you will relate to the teenage boy in the comic strip. If you have a preteen you can probably see sparks of what your teen will be like in a few short years.

I have an almost 13-year-old. She is a conundrum mixed into a riddle hidden in an enigma. Some days I can see the adult she is becoming; other days well, let’s just say I see the tantrummy toddler of years ago. And just when I am at my wit’s end with her she will turn around and do something so nice that I am taken aback. Like playing with her brother or helping her sister on the computer. And I am left saying what? Where did that come from? It’s a teenage thing a Mom wouldn’t understand.

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