New Coke, Tiny British Fridges, Milk Man

Anyone else remember New Coke? If you don’t know about New Coke then you are probably younger than me. Not that I am 40-mumble-something or anything. New Coke came out while I was in college.

To backtrack as a teenager in England having a Coke was a treat. By treat I mean I only had it at restaurants — picture a tiny glass of tepid Coke filled to the brim without ice. Nice! I don’t recall seeing a Coke vending machine until I was a freshman at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. The only vending machine Cokes sold in England were inferior quality no-name brands.

We never had room in our tiny fridge at home for Coke or really much of anything. The freezer in our little fridge fit a bag of frozen peas — and that is all! Can you imagine a family of 4 existing with a fridge just slightly bigger than a dorm fridge. My mother shopped every day — we had milk and other items delivered every day. Anyone else have their milk delivered by a milk man? The house we lived in was by no means small — a 4-bedroom detached house with 2 1/2 bathrooms — but all appliance were tiny. We had a washing machine, but no dryer.

New Coke was introduced to terrible reviews in the early to mid-80s. It was withdrawn soon after since the taste change from original Coke was a complete dud. Coke was reintroduced as “Original Coke.” I remember drinking it. Very sweet.

Now I’m Diet Coke all the way with a break now and then for Diet Pepsi. For the last two weeks I have been on a caffeine free binge. Caffeine free Diet Coke, wretched Sanka, weak Folgers decaff. It’s not…going that well.

And about Sanka…really didn’t Sanka die in the 80s. This weak-willed caffeine alternative is quite simply sludge in a cup…ugghh. I asked my husband to buy a jar of decaf coffee. He came home with Sanka complete with a rubberized lid for ease of opening. People, I am 40-mumble-something not 80-mumble-something!

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