Stopping Breast Cancer One Lid at a Time

With two grandmothers who died from breast cancer, National Breast Cancer Awareness month is somber for me. I did not know my father’s mother. My mother’s mother was a sweet lady who was felled by the ravages of breast cancer. Cancer is unrelenting.

A friend of a friend’s son died after a lengthy battle with neuroblastoma. He was 7. Cancer is cruel.

October marked National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as a result, many organizations and brands have developed efforts supporting this cause. Throughout September and October, a variety of Dannon products helped support the  cause, not only by raising money, but also by increasing awareness for a disease that affects women and families at a staggering rate. More than 290,000 women diagnosed every year.

Dannon pledged to donate at least $500,000 dollars to the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, but they hoped to increase that donation to $1.5 million dollars this year.

Under the lid of specially-marked Dannon products you will find a unique code. With each code entered at by November 30, 10 cents will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. ® (NBCF). The money raised will go to the NBCF, to provide women free mammograms and support breast cancer research nationwide.

I had my first mammogram at 35. Yes, it was difficult and not fun at all. But, I am so grateful that I had a chance to set up a baseline with the mammogram. Kudos to my health insurance and OB-GYN for not balking and denying this very necessary diagnostic test. I go every year to have a mammogram — it’s never a fun experience, but it is essential to my health and well-being.

Have you noticed the Dannon yogurt containers? I love getting the chance to spread the word about Dannon’s Give Hope With Every Cup campaign. Breast cancer needs to be eradicated!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by  Mom Central on behalf of Dannon. In addition, I received a gift certificate and products to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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