Oh No! My Kid Forgot To Do His Homework

Daylight Savings Time is sending the Musings from Me family for a loop. Late bedtimes. Rushed mornings. Forgotten homework. Missing items. I don’t recall a time change so dramatic to our family schedule.

For as messy as my family room is. For as high as my laundry pile is. For as burnt as the dinner is. The schedule is sacrosanct. The schedule is our one constant. I take pride in getting kids to their activities on time. We rarely miss an event. The kids ALWAYS do their homework.

Until last night that is. Last night was glorious. The kid and the preteen played outside for hours. The teen took a bike ride with a friend. I cleaned up and did some e-mail clear out. My husband came home to a cooked dinner…not by me, but from the “grandparent dinner delivery service.” But, a cooked dinner is a cooked dinner.

Dinner as a family is not an every night event due to sports activities, husband getting home late. We try to sit down as often as possible. Last night we talked about the older girls’ state assessment tests. We completed the census form. We had a discussion about race. My kids are so “color blind” that they don’t think of their friends as one race or another. We found the dictionary to explain exactly what race is.

Dinner moved in to American Idol. My husband and the preteen love AI. I miss Paula…I’m lukewarm about this season. We were a couple of episodes of AI behind. While everyone watched AI, the teen did her homework and I rearranged the games cabinet.

As the final episode ended, my husband realized that it was 9:30 p.m. Eeek. My 6-year-old and the girls were still up.

9:30 p.m. is very late for us…especially on a school night. The preteen has the state assessment test in reading today. Not good that she went to bed so late.

Daylight Savings Time! I have a bone to pick with you!

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