Next Time Remind Me…

Next time I agree to sit at the school Stop & Shop for 5 hours, I hope someone will remind me to bring food, chocolate, and Diet Coke. Today I sat on a metal chair next to my school fundraiser trifold display board. I had quite a number families stop for information about the fundraiser for, but the metal folding chair and my aching back. Ow!

Logistics and me are not like “carrots and peas.” We have a love hate relationship. I have a teeny tiny inconsequential problem with time management and scheduling. This problem would not be such a big deal if I was “Musings from the Me the Single, Unencumbered Person,” but with three kids, activities, a husband, and a house to manage it can get a little overwhelming for me.

While sitting in my low to the ground uncomfortable folding chair I couldn’t help noticing the moms who were dressed to the nines for parent-teacher conferences. Heels. Skinny jeans. Sweaters. I also could not help noticing my own garb. Today I dressed for comfort since I knew I would be folded in to a folding chair.

Heels. These feet have not seen heels since the 80s. A broken ankle and then a sprained ankle ended my high heel shoe wearing days. Sneakers or boots all the way. So the casual clothes fit the shoes at least.

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