News Flash: I’m Not a Morning Person and Neither Are My Kids!

It should come as no surprise to readers of this blog and my tweets on Twitter that I am not a morning person. Infact, Morning + Me = Giant Fail. My children are not so much in to the yawning either — you see I actually typed “yawning” when I meant “morning.” There’s a word for that when you think something, but say the wrong word. Confusion? Early-onset Alzheimer’s? No. I have no idea. If you know leave me a comment to enlighten me.

This pic was taken on Thanksgiving Day afternoon after the first of our two Thanksgiving Dinners. It is becoming somewhat of a holiday tradition to catch me snoozing at my inlaws. Seriously, is this not the worst photo you have ever seen? It clearly needs sound effects…snore, zzzz, snore, zzzz, snore…

I was up late again, of course. Up early again, of course. After getting oldest off on school bus, I parked myself in a chair and pulled a blanket up to my neck and snoozed for the most perfect 30 minutes ever. Nap FTW.

It’s 10:31 a.m. I’m unusually productive…surprising myself. But, the thought of another nap makes me misty eyed. Rainy day = Perfect Day for a Nap.

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