Moms Deserve a Week: Giveaway

I can relate to this mom. I’m sure she just realized her two-year-old emptied the laundry hamper on the floor or she noticed a permission slip in her son’s backpack that was due last week or her toddler did not take a nap or her teenager decided to boycott the laundry basket by leaving all her clothes on her bedroom floor or she planned to have a day to work while all the kids were in school and now one is home sick or…

Well, you get the idea. She needs a break and she needs it now! TypeAMom is hosting a giveaway in conjunction with the Hyatt’s The Big Welcome Program. Check out this post for all the ways you can enter to give yourself or the mom in your life a night at the Hyatt or a year of Hyatt stays:

I’m hoping to win as well. Just thinking about luxuriating in the comfort of a Hyatt hotel room makes me swoon. Room Service!

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