Musings on Kids Sports: T-Ball and Beach Volleyball

We’re on Day #4 of solid rain. T-Ball was a washout on Saturday…although there was a break in the weather briefly which meant the fields were open. But since the coach cancelled the game earlier in the day, the team did not play. My son is old enough to be disappointed, but young enough to get over a game cancellation.

Beach volleyball is a no for tonight. Again thank you rain. I don’t live anywhere near the beach — the beach is a good 3-hour drive — but the girls are playing on an outdoor sand court in preparation for their tournament on Saturday at the beach. Here’s the Facebook page for the organization running the tournament. The girls are pumped up. Psyched for playing in the hot weather. I keep reminding Crafty Daughter that it is early May AND we’re in the middle of a monsoon. She’s thinking tank tops and bikinis. I’m thinking sweatshirts and mittens. I’ll keep you posted on what happens.

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