My Take on “Life As We Know It”

I was invited to a screening of Life As We Know It. I intended to bring a friend, but weeknights are tricky with kids’ activities. I managed to work out my schedule to get to the screening. The two friends I asked to go with me were both too busy with kid activities. I can relate to this.

I met a fellow blogger before the screening who was there with a friend. We sat together. We hadn’t planned on meeting. As I walked in she flagged me down. It was fun to watch the movie with friends!

I have mixed feelings about the movie.

  • It starred Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. Heigl is on Grey’s Anatomy. Duhamel — I have no idea what he was in.
  • A huge portion of the movie was devoted to closeups of both of the actors. Both seemed like eye candy to me.
  • Why does Hollywood always cast attractive people in romantic comedies? Hey Hollywood, how about casting normal looking actors??
  • The central theme of the movie was making do with what life throws at you. I can totally relate to that.
  • The two actors are thrust in to parenting roles at the start of the movie as guardians to a baby — their goddaughter. The two leads did not know they had been selected as guardians. Oh and have I mentioned that the two leads hate eat other, but must live together. uh awkward.
  • The pace of the movie picked up once the two actors had to deal with the baby. The beginning was a little slow.
  • I was troubled by the fact that the baby was an orphan. I personalized too much, by thinking of how my children would be cared for if my husband and I died. We have few relatives that we would feel comfortable leaving our children with.
  • Life As We Know It was not the movie I expected. I thought it would be a romantic comedy, but it was poignant and sad.
  • On three occasions Duhamel dropped or fumbled the baby. I did not like this at all. I started wondering why the real mom of the baby (she was played by triplets) would allow this to happen. I know that the director would never allow a child to be put in danger. I know that the scene was shot from multiple angles so that the baby was not harmed in the process. Again, I am personalizing the film too much. It doesn’t help that Duhamel is an unlikable character. I didn’t sympathize with his situation at all.
  • My advice…give it a viewing. You will either love it or have mixed feelings about it.
  • I’m in the mixed feelings category. I am glad I saw the movie, but I am surprised by how sad and touching the movie was in parts.

I attended a complimentary screening of this movie to facilitate my review and received a gift card from Mom Central as a thank you for my time.

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