Question: Can I Call Myself a MommyBlogger if My Last 10 Posts Are Product Reviews???

Can I Call Myself a MommyBlogger if My Last 10 Posts Are Product Reviews???

If a random reader happened upon my blog. That reader might wonder if I have kids or a husband. I get in to ruts where all I do is product review followed by a giveaway followed by the product review. For instance, my children have been back at school since August 30…and I have yet to write a back-to-school post!

So, here’s a little bit about the Musings from Me family. To prove that I do have kids. By the way, my kids and husband help me with reviewing/playing with/listening to the products I reviews. Without them I would be further behind than I am!

The Teen

  • Just started high school.
  • Made the school volleyball team as a freshman. Will try out for her travel volleyball team late 2010.
  • Very much a daddy’s girl.
  • Loves reading. Reread entire Harry Potter series as she last read HP books from 1st grade onwards. Yep, she was a very early reader.
  • Hanging out with friends. Texting.
  • The teen would definitely prefer to spend time with friends than with her family. I’m sad, but it is a natural progression…a kind of letting go/preparing to leave the nest.
  • Does advanced courses in school — insists on keeping a challenging schedule.
  • Takes after mom as far as housekeeping skills…her room is a mess.
  • Would rather dress well or sleep later than eat breakfast…yes, mornings are fun, fun, fun in our house!

The Tween

  • In middle school. Can’t wait to join the teen at the high school.
  • Loves reading — especially anything that is a series, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Twilight, Pretty Little Liars, etc. Loved Junie B. Jones books as a little kid. Never got in to Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Any series that your tween loves reading? Leave a comment!
  • Loves hanging with friends at our house or theirs.
  • Will do chores willingly, but often needs a reminder to clean her room. I suspect that unloading/loading the dishwasher is easier than tackling her room.
  • Takes after mom…can recite lines and lines of dialogue from movies. Our favorite family film is the Simpson’s. Lots of lines to recite!
  • Volleyball player for her recreational and volleyball team. She is a a terrific server.
  • She is my go-to person for school happenings. She knows everything about school. It’s a shame that I don’t have a clone of her at the high school and elementary school.
  • Loves science. Works hard at all her subjects.
  • Is rocking Spanish this year! Very few kids opt to take a language in middle school.

The Kid

  • He’s all boy. The kid has kept me on my toys since he was able to crawl. He could move the kitchen table before he could walk. Climbing! Messes! Gray hairs for mom!
  • He wanted to ride the school bus from about 1 years old. He started preschool without a tear. Loved finally going to school. He was in heaven when he got to ride the school bus!
  • He’s a talker…we’re working on this.
  • He’s a spy-in-training…which means he can be sneaky and stealthy. It was a sad day for me when he realized that his sisters got to stay up later than he did on weekends.
  • As a direct result of staying up later on weekends, he has watched a number of films that are probably not age-appropriate for a young kid…Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Robin Hood.
  • He watches too-scary movies, but also loves anything Disney. I draw the line at the ABC Family shows.
  • He loves being read to. He and his dad are reading the 1st Harry Potter together. He reads a couple of pages. His dad reads a couple of pages.
  • He’s a builder…Lego…blocks…K’Nex. If you can build it, he will play with it. He has amassed a collection of Star Wars Lego guys. Have you noticed how tiny the weapons on the Lego guys are? Why aren’t there more Lego gals? Are there any Lego gals?

The Husband

  • I call him Coach dad on this blog.
  • He reads my blog! Go Coach Dad!
  • He puts up with/understands/tolerates my “blogging as a hobby leading to blogging as a job” career.
  • He is my go-to guy when I travel. He will go in to work late so that the kids get on the bus.
  • I love that he has instilled a love for learning in our children. School is of paramount importance to him — he’s a teacher.
  • He is a huge supporter of whatever sport or activity the children do. He’s there at the band concerts, open houses at school, swim meets, and volleyball/lacrosse/football games.
  • Housekeeping is not at the top of his priority list, but I appreciate that he does a load of laundry every now and again.
  • The lawn is another matter. He takes pride in mowing our very large yard. It’s the type of yard that screams “PLANT MORE TREES,” “BUILD SOME STRUCTURE” so there is less to mow!

Do you blog about being a mom or blog about products? Both? How do you balance the two?

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