Musings from the Beach: Boogie Boards and Burqas

My tootsie are about all I put in the sea!

My tootsie are about all I put in the sea!

O.K. so I am not at the beach at the moment. And no, I have no desire to go back to the beach. You can take your sand, sea, crowds on the beach, sunscreen-and-sand as exfoliant, and never finding a comfortable seat on a beach chair, beach blanket, or the sand and do with it what you will. The beach and I are not best buddies.

My family on the other hand LOVEs the beach. We are now the proud owners of 2 Boogie boards, countless beach chairs, and an umbrella that withstands the galeforce winds that blast through the beaches of Ocean City, MD.

Once on the beach I prided myself on applying sunscreen to each child, my husband’s back, and my exposed body parts. You see I look as though I am wearing a colorful burqa when I am on the beach. Picture me wearing a Lands Ends bathing suit and long-sleeved rash guard, a baseball hat, sunglasses, a bandana around my neck, and a towel over my legs. I don’t believe in living dangerously with the sun.

I jotted some random musings from the beach as I lay swathed in my colorful, figure camouflaging attire — not attractive, but at least I did not get burned!

– I need a recliner Barka-lounger for the beach.

– If there is a no open container law then why is every adult in the group beside me “pouring a colorful beverage from a flask in to a Solo Cup”…hmmmmm.

– Wow, our next door neighbors on the other side have a huge tent with two extension oparts to the tent — huge sand footprint.

– I need Factor 80 SPF sunscreen. Factor 50 will not do.

– I hate reapplying sunscreen to find only dregs in a bottle that was full yesterday.

– Boogie boards need to come with an instruction sheet to avoid injuries…wait the lifeguard is calling over all kids to give them “Boogie Boarding Safety Tips.” Boogie Board with arms straight out in front to avoid brekaing your neck. Nice to know.

Until next time I leave you with…


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