Moms and Drinking

What is your stance on moms and alcohol?

I’m not teetotal or antialcohol. After a day with kids I’ve been known to open up a can — uh bottle — of rum and make a RUM with a splash of Diet Coke. One of these Drinks with a capital D is all I need. I drink wine when my parents visit — just no red wine. I occasionaly buy wine for a party or Book Club and savor it in the days after the party. I almost feel obligated to drink it — you know so the wine doesn’t go to waste. I’m a recycler…what can I say.

But, what about moms who are constantly with a drink in hand. Moms who sneak drinks in to the pool in a coffee cup? You know the mom who goes to a mom Happy Hour and is out of control. What about them? What do you think?

I’m on the other side of the mommy drinking fence. On the other side of the fence you will meet:

  • Moms who you want to go out with in the evening.
  • Moms who drink a drink now and then, but remember where they were after a night out.
  • Moms of teens who can safely preach to their teens about drinking in moderation because they practice moderation.
  • Moms who don’t feel the need to take a cooler of beer to a Brownie campout.
  • Moms who don’t mind chaperoning a fieldtrip overnight and not drinking at all.
  • Moms who are fun to be around because of who they are and not because of the number of drinks they have had.

I’m not ranting here. I’m just a mom of a kid, a preteen, and a teen who is worried about drinking and alcohol. I fervently wish more moms would just set a better example.

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