Jon and Kate Plus 8 — The End?

What do you think of the possible breakup/divorce of Jon and Kate of Jon & Kate Plus 8?

I must admit that prior to watching the season opener, I thought that the breakup rumors were just that — rumors to hype the show. After watching the show I feel certain that this couple is in trouble. So sad for them…the kids.

You know the sextuplets seem remarkably grounded and happy. I’m not what you would call a Kate supporter, but I do think that she has done a good job raising the younger children to be polite and respectful. It has been quite some time since we have seen one of the six in a timeout. They have grown up around cameras, so do not seem fazed by the cameras.

The same cannot be said for the older two. On each episode one or other of the girls is filmed having a tantrum or crying or hitting a sibling (in earlier episodes). At age 9, the twins more and more will need space to grow up. The constant filming will not help them develop emotionally — too much scrutiny. I have a 10 yo and a 13 yo — both are happy one moment and furious the next.

Preteen/Teen = Terrible Twos

The first special was filmed when the girls were 4, and the series when they were 5/6. The twins remember life before cameras and mics.

No reality show is immune from problems with privacy. My current fave show — Table for 12 — had a scene where a 12 yo boy gets a filling. He was shown crying — totally natural for anyone that young getting a filling, but why show it. Can you imagine the teasing at school? 12 yo boys like to seem tough — crying is a natural response to pain, discomfort, unusual circumstances.

I wonder if the parents on these reality shows get sucked in to the “every facet of our life must be filmed not matter what.” I suspect the producers are good at encouraging the parents to film everything.

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