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Have I mentioned that I’m a winning machine? Yes, just about every week I win something or so it seems. I know I sound braggy, but if it were not for winning prizes and getting free stuff to review I wouldn’t have anything tangible to show for my blogging at all.

I write for 2 sites: one paid through Adsense dollars (TypeAMom) and one unpaid (DC_Metro_Moms). Love writing for both. Have not scored the paid writing job. Don’t have high enough paid rank to write sponsored posts. So, winning is it for me.

But, you know what winning is fun. I don’t care if everyone wins or if the chances of winning are higher due to lack of entrants…I just want to win! And win I do! Last week I saw a tweet from LeapFrog asking people to tweet there worst “kid damages electronic device story.” I didn’t have to dig deep to come up with this:

One morning was husband was working from home. He set himself up in the familyroom with laptop, phone, and a tall glass of milk. Our son was about 18 months. You know where I am going with this story don’t you?

I suggested to my husband that he not leave the tall glass of milk on the bookshelf near the phone. My husband said he wanted the milk close by.

I was in the kitchen when I heard a “clink, clink.” I came around the corner into the familyroom to see our son stirring the milk with the cordless phone. Hello, new phone system! Hello, Mommy knows best!

My latest acquisition…a LeapFrog Text and Learn. Have you seen one? Here’s a link: Http://www.leapfrog.com/en/shop.html It’s a kid-sized realistic looking PDA/handheld device.

My husband has a PlamPilot for work. I am connection less — no laptop, no iphone, no PDA. But, have I mentioned that I win things. Now if only I could win a Blackberry!

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