Mom’s Nite Out

Mom’s Nite Out, a venture between MomSelect/Maria Bailey and many vendors, was a raging success. The event held in early May was a fun night for moms to get out with friends and have a much-needed rest from the day-to-day struggles of life with children — events were held throughout the U.S.

Unfortunately, there were no Mom’s Nite Out events in Maryland. I could have arranged one…thought about it, pondered the logistics, and ultimately decided not to. My network of twitter/blogging friends have met offline with much success. But, I did not have the energy to plan anything. Next year I will get with the Mom’s Nite Out Program — and plan something already!

Pump it Up offered a dad’s nite out with the kids while Mom’s Nite Out was going on. I was fruitless in my search for photographic evidence of how much fun we have had at Pump it Up over the years. I would have sent my husband and the kids, but the younger two had swimming. Maybe next year.

Funny story…

  • The first time I took my son to Pump it Up he was 2. All of the bouncy things were too tall for him. I bounced in a house with him. He wandered over to the obstacle course. After some consideration I felt I could manage him in the obstacle course. Boy, was I wrong. The first part was a wall. I tried to hoist him up. With difficulty I got him over — I might have pushed him too hard as I heard a little yelp. I then tried to hoist myself. Ladies, it was not pretty. My son’s cries got me over the wall. We struggled through the rest of it. I told him he obstacle course was closed — mommy white lie! The slides were a good fit for both of us as I could climb with him and we both slid down.

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  1. Natalie
    May 24, 2009 at 3:05 am

    Oh man, one time I tried one of those inflatibles that you climb up a pseudo wall on one side–it wasn’t even a true wall–and then slide down the other. I can’t even describe the ridiculousness of me trying drag my BEEhind up that wall. Never again.

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