Method Acting Gone Wrong, Sing-a-Longs, and More #Oscars

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Source: @RyanPBroderick of Buzzfeed.

These gifs make me chuckle. Not high brow. I like Sandra Bullock. She’s a bit of a fixture at the Oscars. Has she ever won? I don’t think so. But she is in the group of actors who give out awards. Someone has to.

What were your highlights of the Oscars? I watch no award shows except the Oscars. I would watch the Tonys…I like theater. I wouldn’t watch the Emmys as the shows I watch are not likely to get nominated…My Strange Addiction, Hoarders, Intervention. Lately I have started to catch up on Downton Abbey  and D.C. powerbrokers show, Scandal, but for the most part my shows are the reality shows…the more depressing the better…according to my husband.

But back to the Oscars…here are the Musings from Me family highlights and lowlights

  • The whole Seth MacFarlane bit…did you get it? Did you like it? I didn’t know who he was. Once I knew who he was, I still didn’t like his opening bit. I didn’t like Ted and don’t let the kids watch Family Guy so…he’s not a winner in my book.
  • His jokes were stale. Like something that you would purchase of a stock comedy site.
  • The boob song was not funny. Were the actors in the audience cringing or were they planted? Hmmm.
  • The Star Trek William Shatner flashback was cute. I like William Shatner. The kids and husband are Star Trek fans. But like all of these type of sketches it dragged on. The flashback sequence could have been funny but went on too long.
  • The presenters are always my favorite part of the show. I don’t care if they are reading from cue cards. The odd pairings were funny…sight gags…Dustin Hoffman with towering Charlize Theron. Comedy gold.
  • Melissa McCarthy presenting the Voice Animation Oscar with someone (he’s a voice actor and I wish I could remember his name) saying that she doesn’t do a lot of voice work as she changed her email address. Now I can relate to that. Surely that “all-expenses blogging trip on a cruise” email has not arrived because I switched emails. Right?!
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild looks like a brutal film. Of course I want to see it.
  • I’ve seen almost none of the Oscar nominated films. Save for Skyfall and Brave, this year was a dud as far as movie going. Netflix will be my saving grace. On the Netflix queue…Lincoln, Argo. Soon to be added Beasts of the Southern Wild. Are you listening Dad Knows Better? Hurry up and add those Oscar nominated films…STAT!
  • The little girl nominated for an Oscar from Beasts of the Southern Wild — Quvenzhane Wallis — looked so excited to be in the audience, didn’t she? I cannot imagine either my 9-year-old or my kids at that age doing what she did. Reminded me of Anna Pacquin when she was nominated for the Piano. My kids only know her for her role on X-Men!
  • I won’t go in to details…but I’m shocked that anyone would say something so cruel directed to a little kid. I don’t care if the outfit saying it is known for satire. Don’t mess with kids. Period. Tweet was deleted.
  • That Meryl Streep walked on stae without an introduction from anyone to thunderous applause was amazing. That she caught her dress in her heel and had to adjust herself and then made fun of herself was sublime. She is a class act.

And the musical performances were spectacular! Where to begin?

  • Shirley Bassey sang Goldfinger. Amazing pipes!
  • Adela sang Skyfall. Aside from a heavy orchestration that drowned her out, Adele was amazing. I didn’t love the Skyfall theme on the first couple of listens, but the song is powerful. I don’t know how the Bond music producers manage to hit it out of the park with every theme song.
  • I wasn’t sure why Catherine Zeta-Jones sang from Chicago. Wasn’t that movie from a few years ago? And why was Jennifer Hudson singing a song? Just googled and boh were part of a tribute to Oscar musicals. Now I get it.
  • Barbra Streisand sang The Way We Were in tribute to Marvin Hamlisch. Hamlisch won three Oscars, two for Barbra Streisand’s film, The Way We Were. Note to Dad Knows Better…please add this film to the Netflix!

My all-time favorite moment of last night’s Oscars was the Les Miserables ensemble performance. Wow. Just wow. Haven’t seen it…see also Netflix please help! From the grand entrance of Hugh Jackman to Anne Hathaway to Russell Crowe’s pitchy, scratchy performance…I loved it. helena Bonham Carter was tucked in the back…perhaps she’s not a confident singer…she sounded fine to me. I didn’t recognize a couple of the actors…Eddie Redmayne, Aaron Tveit, Samantha Barks, or Ramin Karimloo. Amanda Seyfried looked lovely. She’s in my go-to “movie to work by” Mamma Mia. What an awesome opportunity to showcase the entire cast not just the stars! And I am so glad that they didn’t bring in someone else to sing the song. I don’t care that the actors are not singers by trade they still rocked it in my book.

What were your highlights of the Oscars 2013?

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