Did We Do a Good Job on the Listerine #21-Day Challenge?

Two weeks ago I had one of those days where I rocked. I made breakfast and lunches quickly. All the kids were picked up or dropped off at school on time. I wrote two blogposts in short order. My day was on pace to be a good one. As the clock struck 12 I was on my way to pick up one child at elementary school, and two at each of their high schools. As I picked up from the last school, I congratulated myself on how early we would get to the dentist. We were on target to get to the dentist a full 20  minutes early. Our family has been hard at work on the Listerine 21-Day Challenge and I was a little anxious to find out how we were doing. I was also anxious to see This is unheard of in the Musings from Me household…we are mostly on time and periodically late.
I was mentally patting myself on the back as I swung in to the pediatric dentist’s parking lot a full 20 minutes early. Early! The kids and I trooped to the dentist’s office door for our twice yearly visits. The door was locked. Blinds drawn. A notice on the door showed that the dentist was closed for lunch from 1 to 2 p.m. And of course the kids’ appointments were at 2 p.m. So much for arriving early. Grrr.
With the extra time we had until the dentist opened, my oldest hopped back in the car to continue reading her book. The middle played with her phone. The youngest nabbed the driver’s seat and was as happy as can be. Look how happy he is to sit in the front of the car? This kid asks on an almost daily basis when he can “ride shotgun.” I acted as a lookout letting other early arrivers know when the dental office would open. I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know when the dentist would go to lunch.
When the dentist finally opened, I herded the cats…uh…kids in to the office. We had a bit of a wait, probably because the office staff were trickling in from lunch. But a certain someone wasted no time seeking out the video games in the dental office. Is there a better invention to keep kids occupied while waiting? I think not.
Our names were called and each kid was ushered to a room for cleanings. What I love about our dentist is that I can book three back-to-back appointments. I shuttled from one room to the next chatting to the dental techs and then the dentist. All three were complimented for how well they had been brushing and flossing. This was good to hear as all five of us had been diligent about the Listerine 21-Day Challenge. Each of us chose a different flavor of Listerine for the challenge. While we usually use Cool Mint. The kids tried the Freshburst. I used the Fresh Citrus while my huband use the Cool Mint. The kids liked the taste of the Freshburst.
The Listerine mouthwashes were a healthy addition to our family’s oral hygiene routine. The older two are good at flossing and brushing regularly and without supervision. The youngest is learning good oral habits from his parents and sister’s good habits. A good rule of thumb for establishing good habits with kids is to set a nightly routine. With all three kids sharing a bathroom, each child has a spot in the bathrom for toothbrushes, flossers, and drink cups for mouth rinsing.
Don’t forget to get involved in the challenge by signing up on the LISTERINE Facebook page, www.facebook.com/listerine.
I received products from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of
McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE® 21 Day Challenge. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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